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​Take a look at Hong Kong’s stunning new vinyl only library and listening space

The Music Room at Potato Head is home to over 6,000 records

  • Olivia Wycech
  • 5 August 2016

Nestled within Potato Head’s newest location in Hong Kong lies a beautiful new listening space designed for vinyl lovers, audiophiles and left-field dance music aficionados.

Both in sound and design the room is rich with nostalgia, having been specifically designed with analogue acoustics in mind and aesthetically combines the stark simplicity of warm Japanese design with the retro modern décor often associated with the 60s and 70s in America.

The interactive listening space has been appointed with the finest equipment imported from the US, the UK and Japan is complimented by a carefully curated selection of over 6,000 records by Potato Head Hong Kong’s German born music director Johnny Hiller.

Hiller, who moved to Hong Kong in 2012 and co-founded the Otaku Soundsystem, oversaw both the design of the space and its music content to ensure an optimal listening environment and experience. The DJ and producer spent over 30 years sourcing the records.

The collection will certainly be appreciated in its new playground, which is made up of JBL Pro Blue series loudspeakers, high-end Macintosh tube pre amps and amplifiers, custom-made rotary mixers from Japan, vintage Klipsh ‘Horn’ speakers and two industry standard Technics 1200 turntables.

Hiller intend to host regular classic LP nights, which will include nights like a monthly Ethiopian Jazz event on 7-inch format only. Complementary to the atmosphere, other selections will include Balearic disco, reggae and ethic/world music in the mix. The Music Room hopes to attract and inspire generations of music enthusiasts in its eclectic offerings.

Expect see curated events, listening sessions and private parties delving deeper into the Music Room’s exploratory subject matter.

The opening of the Music Room is a welcome addition to both Hong Kong and Asia, signaling a promising shift in the region's music culture. It would appear that the resurgence of vinyl culture has finally arrived in Asia.

Find the Music Room at Potato Head Hong Kong here.