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Taiwanese pop sensation Jolin Tsai partners with Hardwell on 'We Are One'

The dynamic new way the pair released the tune saw it reach 800 million people

  • Mixmag Asia Staff
  • 27 June 2017
Taiwanese pop sensation Jolin Tsai partners with Hardwell on 'We Are One'

Jolin Tsai (蔡依林) is Taiwan's biggest pop star and has sold more records than any other female pop singer in the region. Recently she's been making even greater strides to reach an even wider audience through collaborations and her latest one sees her team up with Dutch EDM sensation Hardwell.

Released through Universal Music, the pair produced 'We Are One' which was made in partnership with China’s biggest mobile operating China Mobile Cooperation who pushed the pop-meets-dance collaboration to its audience of 800 million. An alternative version will be coming soon on Hardwell's own label Revealed Recordings.

'We Are One' features Hardwell distinctly flavored that make the track ready to ignite the largest of festival mainstages with Jolin Tsai's voice layered over top and adding a unique pop zest that ensures the tune is catchy.

Early support for ‘We Are One’ has already put the single in the number spot on the Taiwanese iTunes chart and on the Chinese download platforms QQ and Kuwa, which is an impressive feat for an English speaking dance record.

The collaboration should see both artists taping into each other's massive online fanbase, with Hardwell reaching over 18.3 million followers on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and Jolin Tsai making her 39.9 million fans on Weibo and Instagram available to her collaborator.

“Anyone who follows my career knows I’ve always tried to find new and cool ways to release my music," said Hardwell. "I’ve being touring Asia for many years now, both as a festival headliner and with my new Macau residency, I’ve also brought along my Revealed Recordings crew to hold down a residency in Guangzhou. Asia is one of the most exciting, emerging markets on the planet for dance music right now! Working with Jolin on this record was a great experience and we wanted to find a way to deliver it to the fans in a unique way. Joining forces with China Mobile opens up a direct doorway to many of Jolin’s and my Asian fans so it felt the perfect opportunity for us to bring our world’s together on ‘We Are One’ and deliver some fresh new music to millions of fans!”

Jolin Tsai has previously collaborated with other international EDM acts including Alesso with whom she discussed the process and importance of such collaborations with on a panel at IMS Asia-Pacific last year.

Have a listen to 'We Are One' below and buy the tune here.