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Taipei: OSA presents REPROBATE featuring Dr Meaker

Saturday, February 24, 2024

  • OSA
  • 14 February 2024
Taipei: OSA presents REPROBATE featuring Dr Meaker

Event: OSA presents REPROBATE featuring Dr Meaker
Date: Saturday, February 24, 2024
City/Country: Taipei/Taiwan
Organisers: OSA
Venue: Studio 9, 9F, No. 116號, Hanzhong St, Wanhua District, Taipei City, 108
Line-up: Botherbones, Dr Meaker, FTK, GRY, Henree, Khula, Lebana, Niski The Free, Scott Noise, Scheme-O, Tookie Tookie & Vital Dub.
Tickets: NT$700

Tickets available at the door.

REPROBATE: an unprincipled or depraved person, morally corrupt, depraved.

Stand by for the most ambitious REPROBATE yet, with UK d’n’b legend Dr Meaker taking over Studio 9 alongside Jane Siesta and a slew of local heroes.

Hailing from Bristol, the spiritual home of d’n’b, Dr Meaker broke the mould with his unique fusion of sounds, gaining a reputation as a pioneer of the genre over the past 20 years. Frequently collaborating with equally legendary artists such as Macky Gee and Serum, Dr Meaker is undeniably one of the founding fathers of d’n’b.

Joining him are Taiwan's top DJs, bringing their boundary-pushing takes on drum’n’bass and its sub-genres. Primal, raw, depraved…full REPROBATE.

As always, there will be two stages. The main room will be relentless d’n’b, with headliner Dr Meaker supported by Scott Noise, TOOKIE TOOKIE, Scheme-O, GRY, and Vital Dub, all bringing their own twisted take on the genre.

The back room will be breaks, UKG, electro, and everything else in the UK, with the always exciting FTK, Khula, Lebana, BOTHERBONES, and Henree taking over the space.

On top of this, Master of Ceremonies, Niski the Free, will grace the mic throughout the night with his famous flows.

Organisers have crafted an immersive night, set to take attendees to the darkest corners of the island's underground scene, captivated by mesmerising light displays, trippy visuals, and a formidable sound system that will reverberate through the very foundations of the space.

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