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Submerge into SYEYL’s ethereally downtempo debut EP, ‘Dawn Chorus’

The five-tracker was released via India's Export Quality Records on January 20

  • Waiying Ho
  • 23 February 2023
Submerge into SYEYL’s ethereally downtempo debut EP, ‘Dawn Chorus’

SYEYL’s debut EP titled ‘Dawn Chorus’ has been released by Export Quality Records on January 20 and overflows with peaceful, rejuvenating vibes.

The New Delhi-based producer projects his fascination with new age and spiritual music into an ethereal electronic soundscape. Swelling synths, percussion, rich subs and a minimal but catchy top line flow throughout the release, perfectly complemented by the everyday sounds of nature. A large portion of the five-tracker was built around the soft-yet-brassy unique resonances of the Rav Vast and its perfectly cut steel tongues.

“I used to wake up in the mornings before sunrise and just write music while hearing the sounds of birds chirping, hence the name ‘Dawn Chorus’. At the same time I had just heard the instrument — Rav Vast — and fell in love with its sound instantly,” mentions SYEYL (pronounces “sea-el”), who enlightens us on how the EP was written during a peaceful phase of his life.

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His Zen-like uplifting productions are thanks to his ability to find that “sweet spot” between downtempo beats and ambient calm, intertwining dreamy synths to add to the release’s elegantly meditative mood.

“The whole process was very rewarding for my creativity and mental peace and I felt like the tracks just flowed out of me or a higher power which guided me — good orderly direction (GOD),” he adds.

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Export Quality Records hails out of India and was launched by Third Culture Entertainment in August 2021. The imprint aims to be a vehicle for exporting quality contemporary music out of the country, where each release is tailored to what best serves the music.

Listen to and download SYEYL ‘Dawn Chorus’ here.

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