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Stüssy celebrates 40 years with a Hong Kong inspired capsule

The Stüssy Hong Kong Chapter marks its first year in the city’s prime fashion district

  • Zita Chan
  • 13 November 2020
Stüssy celebrates 40 years with a Hong Kong inspired capsule

While celebrating their 40th anniversary of influencing the streetwear market, Stüssy is also making a mark on the first year of its Hong Kong chapter with a fresh capsule.

Located in Causeway Bay, in the heart of the city’s avant-garde fashion district, the Stüssy outlet has been decked out with a new line that’s encompassed by a ceramic 8 ball vase that pays homage to the brand’s rooted aesthetic around billiards.

The Hong Kong inspired capsule also implements the stem of the signatory bauhinia flower, accompanied by a logo-attached slogan that reads “HONG KONG BUILT FOR THE LONG HAUL”.

The brand initially launched its Hong Kong retail gallery with a concise range of exclusive items to the city that included the Canvas Shop Jacket, a location printed hoodie, the Pai Gow t-shirt and the Hong Kong Chapter crewneck sweater.

The 1st Anniversary Capsule will be available exclusively in-store at the Stüssy Hong Kong Chapter Store starting from November 13.

The Stüssy Hong Kong Chapter is located at 9 Pak Sha Road,Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

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