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New headphone technology features "micro-speakers" made entirely from silicon

xMEMS, the company behind it claims it will result in a “vastly superior” audio listening experience, which can be used to fit in-ear headphones

  • 22 April 2023
New headphone technology features "micro-speakers" made entirely from silicon

Audio tech company xMEMS has announced new micro-speakers made from all-silicon – a world first – which the company claims will “revolutionise” the in-ear headphones industry.

Current technology uses coil speakers, which dates back decades, with the silicon build allowing for greater comfort and clarity, more precise audio feedback, as well as a wider sound stage.

On top of changing the speakers for wireless headphones, the company says that the technology can be used to improve technology for hearing aids, in-ear-monitors (IEMs) and emerging technologies such as wearable glasses and sleep buds.

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xMEMS has announced three different solutions of solid-state micro speakers – Cowell, which is now starting mass shipments and the world’s smallest solid-state micro speaker; Montara Plus, which is capable of sound up to 120dB @ 200 Hz; and Skyline DynamicVent, which is designed for earbuds and hearing aids.

It follows the trajectory of all-silicon MEMS microphones, which have become the dominant technology in the recording sphere since its introduction in 2007

Peter Cooney, the founder of SAR Insight said: “The market for MEMS micro speakers is expected to follow a similar trajectory to MEMS microphones.

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“Consumer demand for high-resolution, spatial, lossless streaming audio represents a generational shift in audio content that requires a similar evolution in sound reproduction,” he continued. “Solid-state fidelity is able to create a more accurate reproduction of the source audio and a vastly superior listening experience.”

Mike Housholder, VP of Marketing and Business Development at xMEMS said: “Since our first product release, we have been overwhelmed by the audio industry’s appreciation of solid-state fidelity.

“Unlike conventional coil speakers, our speakers are monolithic, which silicon membranes offering far better material stiffness and exponentially faster impulse response than conventional speakers, resulting in the superior sound performance of xMEMS Solid-State Fidelity technologies,” he continued.

“Solid-state fidelity is a game changer. Until now, speakers have remained one of the few electronic compenents unimproved by silicon technology. xMEMS true solid-state micro speakers are now here to fundamentally change the way people experience sound.”

For more information on xMEMS and the solid-state technology visit its official website.

Isaac Muk is Mixmag's Digital Intern, follow him on Twitter

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