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Space Available launches new collection ‘SA02: Radical Fungi’

A celebration of fungi as an ecological material of the future

  • Waiying Ho
  • 26 December 2022
Space Available launches new collection ‘SA02: Radical Fungi’

Put together a global community of like-minded artists, designers, scientists and environmentalists and you’ve got Space Available; a creative platform and new lifestyle brand on a mission to build a circular future. What makes it better for us in Asia is that it's based out of Bali.

Exploring the potential of both waste and natural materials, Space Available aims to find solutions for a better world by creating spaces, concepts, products and experiences based on the regenerative principles of the planet.

After successfully highlighting the sustainable use of plastics in their first collection ‘SA01: Radical Plastics’, this time around they’ve come up with a new way to celebrate the intelligence of fungi as an ecological material of the future.

Items in ‘SA02: Radical Fungi’ have been designed around an in-house case study based on findings from a global network of scientists, mycologists, environmentalists and mycelium innovators (mycelium is the connective networks of fungi that largely exist underground).

The collection is divided into two parts; eclectic apparel pieces and equally alluring sculptures, home objects and furnishings.

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Designs on the garments communicate the nature and power of fungi through its exclusive artworks, telling the story of Space Available’s mission to “make space for nature”. The pieces are made from upcycled and organic materials that are coloured using natural dyes.

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Space Available founder Daniel Mitchell underlines that “Our mission is to make space for nature. We’ve been doing that by radically recycling the plastic waste we humans leave in nature and now we’re exploring biomaterials, which we believe is very much the future. So, we’re working with nature, in the lab, to create a series of objects which will biodegrade back into Mother Earth and help us on our mission.”

The ‘SA02: Radical Fungi’ collection by Space Available can be purchased here.

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