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The new Sonos Era 300 takes at-home surround sound to another level

Sonos’ new speaker promises an unparalleled spatial audio experience, and delivers impressive results

  • 15 July 2023
The new Sonos Era 300 takes at-home surround sound to another level

The new Sonos Era 300 moulds its impressive audio architecture into a sleek design that's available in both black and white finishes. The hourglass form has been perfected with listeners in mind - each angle, perforated grille and segment built to enhance the sound dispersion, giving listeners the perfect compact Hi Fi system that could probably fit in your backpack.

As a multi-channel device, the spacious stereo soundstage and six class-D amplifiers means that this small-but-mighty speaker packs a serious punch when filling rooms with music. Cleverly constructed Sonos-engineered drivers angled around the front top and sides catapults the listener's sound experience. Close your eyes and you’ll be transported from your overpriced studio flat to a gadget-filled, soundproof recording studio.

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The design and acoustics were created in collaboration with leading artists to tune the device to the needs of hungry ears. The four built in tweeters guarantee mirror playback of high and mid frequencies, perfect for streaming snare filled sets or checking out ethereal vocal samples. The two left and right angled woofers are perfect for maxing out low-ends, with bass and treble adjustable through the Sonos app.

The ‘ TruePlay’ technology means the Era 300 takes in the frequencies of a room's acoustics and responds by fine tuning the EQs, so you and your room can basically have a telepathic conversation with your speaker.

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If you prefer more traditional forms of communication, you can use voice control features to play, pause, skip or adjust the volume, and the device is also compatible with Bluetooth. Pair two Era 300s together with a Sonos Arc, or other Sonos S2 speakers, and you'll have your very own multi-channel mini soundsystem set up, with sound being sent in all directions. If you prefer watching over listening, when paired with a Gen 2 Beam or Arc, you can receive an amazing 7.1.4 Dolby Atmos experience perfect for bingeing true crime documentaries.

Unboxing the speaker is pretty enjoyable due to its attractive design, and it is easy enough to get it set up and paired with your devices. All the packaging is made from sustainably sourced recyclable paper, and the speakers main body has been made with post-consumer recycled plastic.

The Sonos Era 300 is priced at £449. Check out the full specifications on the Sonos website

Tiffany Ibe is Mixmag's Digital Intern, follow her on Instagram

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