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Soichi Terada, David August, Roman Flügel headline Surveyor’s Dance in Mussoorie

The Pravaas Takeover event on George Everest Hill takes place on March 15-16

  • Amira Waworuntu
  • 13 March 2024
Soichi Terada, David August, Roman Flügel headline Surveyor’s Dance in Mussoorie

Surveyor’s Dance is the musical programme of Pravaas Takeover of Mussoorie, which aims to introduce a groundbreaking way to experience India, one destination at a time.

Each takeover will present an array of cultural, musical, and culinary delights, celebrating the indigenous people, places and stories of the area.

Taking place this weekend on March 15-16, the location of Surveyor’s Dance will be on the picturesque George Everest Hill — named after the esteemed surveyor-general of India.

Organisers have spared no expense in gathering a top-tier line-up of internationally acclaimed talents.

Among the headliners is Japanese feel-good house music icon Soichi Terada, who will captivate audiences with his live set. Expect energetic synths, upbeat tempos and an all-night groove session.

Joining him is David August, known for his visionary prowess in crafting sonic landscapes that fuse house, techno and classical elements. He’ll be accompanied by MFO in presenting an audio-visual live show that promises to be a multisensory feast for all who attend.

Also on the headlining spot is the evergreen Roman Flügel and his set of catchy tunes that will keep bodies moving throughout the night.

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Spread across two stages, the music acts also consist of diverse local and regional talents, such as Thailand-based DOTT from More Rice Records, Komorebi, Spryk Live A/V, and a special performance by Sickflip presenting Gustaqi — an immersive audio-visual journey. Adding to the mix is a DJ set by Qilla Records founder Kohra.

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Bangalore-Goa based collective, ModeMusic, is set to present its immersive dance experience designed to blur the boundaries between fantasy and reality titled "Field of Dreams", featuring Berlin-based 41ISSA, O-wells alongside residents AAGUU and Rishi Sippy. Mumbai's premier house party, Framed, makes its festival debut with a special b3b with residents Blurry Slur, Orbs and Dreamstates.

For more information on Surveyor’s Dance, which comes part of the Pravaas Takeover of Mussoorie, head here.

Amira Waworuntu is Mixmag Asia’s Managing Editor, follow her on Instagram.

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