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Snapped: Kolour in the Park

100% of the people we talked to agreed it was the best year yet

  • Mixmag Asia Staff
  • 23 March 2017

Best Kolour in the Park ever? That’s what 100% of the people we talked to had to say about the 2017 edition.

The number of dance music festivals popping up in Thailand these days is mental and while the country has welcomely become a hotspot for festivals and electronic music in general across Asia, it’s also gotten a little out of control with line-ups coming off homogenous and quotidian. But we have all the time in the world for little guys, the underdogs and the ones trying to build a brand, a culture and a name out of love – otherwise known as a boutique festival. While not a new concept in the west whatsoever, Asia is just beginning to discover the charm that intimacy and atmosphere bring in smaller numbers. But Kolour in the Park knew this three years ago and today the team are celebrating roaring results following their most successful iteration yet.

Devoid of headliners in the traditional sense, this year’s line-up was carefully curated for fans of the alternative and it truly delivered. Day one was bustling with Berlin vibes featuring Wankelmut, Adana Twins back-to-back with Animal Trainer, Roman Rauch and finally Cocoon’s latest signing Nakadia who closed the night out in top form delivering a set of what’s becoming the Thai national’s signature style of increasingly hard techno.

Because Kolour in the Park sits next to the idyllic Thai Wake Park, the event is actually built upon daytime activities and despite blazing temperatures of somewhere around 36 degrees, by sunset the site was packed and at peak vibe without wavering until curtain call just past midnight. The art in throwing a two-day festival and the perfect hangover cure to your day one hangover lies therein: calling it quits early. With this in mind there was no hesitation is booking another immense and impressive day two line-up which saw Tube & Berger, Autograf, ATMA, Ava Asante, Sameed & Oliver Osborne all play. Representing locals this year were X0809, Koish, Ekception, Dan Buri, Sunju Hargun, Boris Rubin, DOTT & Ellie, Absolud, Dark White, Tek Harrington and Coran.

Another thing that really sets Kolour in the Park apart from other festivals in Thailand is the calibre of people it attracts. Drawn together by a similar taste in music, an interest in art and a fire for all things creative, the best of Bangkok flocked to Kolour in fine form and painted the landscape with colorful costumes and uninhibited vibes. But what really turns Kolour in the Park into an annual oasis amid a concrete and congested capital is the sheer amount of space dotted with unique stages, extraordinary deco and light installations. It’s obvious that not only did blood, sweat and tears go into the design and development but also love, passion and dedication. The only detriment to getting all the space is the difficulty that can come with getting to and from the site and we hope that some year soon camping – boutique or glamping if you must – might be introduced.

Since we expect the trend of boutique festivals to continue across Asia, we hope that festivalgoers new and old were as amazed and inspired as we were. Having Kolour withdrawals? Look out for Kolour Warehouse Party coming up in April.

[photos courtesy of Pai Chanikarn]

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