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Snapped: Karma Kamp

Karma Kamp brought rumble to the jungle

  • Sammy Le Mac
  • 2 December 2016

What do you get when you combine a small group of philanthropy minded friends, a unique natural location, a dynamic lineup of some of Bangkok’s most talented DJs and a couple of carefully selected international guests? The answer: A spectacular celebration of electronic music and a spellbinding weekend in a natural wonderland.

Karma Klique’s follow up to their infamous Karma Kruise party had two goals - to raise the bar further and also to raise funds for their charitable partner, Warm Heart Foundation. At first glance, a rock climbing camp completely off the electrical grid and positioned two and a half hours drive outside of Bangkok would not seem the most likely location for a micro festival, but for one special day, the idyllic site was transformed into a shimmering wonderland, brimming with music, connection, workshops and natural adventures.

Any efforts in getting to the site (and it was some effort getting up the final single lane dirt track in a minivan) were rewarded as soon as party goers arrived. In their commitment to minimizing the ecological impact of the event, the organizers presented guests with reusable metal cups adorned with the Karma Klique logo and a flashlight. From here, guests were free to explore the magical site, decorated with an array of natural embellishments. Attendees spent the day wandering the site, taking part in a range of activities like rock climbing classes, Qi Gong, yoga and meditation workshops or just paddling in the gently flowing river that skirts the site.

As with any event of this type though, it was the little moments that came together to create a truly magical atmosphere. Guests arrived across the course of the afternoon and before long, the site was filled with fun and frivolity, with Tek weaving his customary disco magic while small groups enjoyed hoola hoop, poi and staff spinning workshops. Others lounged in hammocks, snacked on the hearty local fare or just connected in small groups around the numerous sanctuaries of relaxation.

Pyra took to the stage as the sun slipped over the horizon, weaving a hypnotic spell over the crowd, acting as a magnet for all in attendance and awing them into a hushed silence. Backed by powerful, driving beats, her mesmerising set galvanized the assembled group before a troupe of fire spinners assembled, lighting up the night sky and officially signaling the commencement of the next phase of the evening.

With a brilliant star field as the backdrop, guests were guided deeper into the jungle, into the aptly named 'Bamboogie Town' where live art projections and a spectacular lighting installation by Zieght set the scene for a smorgasbord of musical delights. As the warmth of the day receded, the crack squad of electronic talent heated things up, serving delicious, thick slabs of house and techno. Coran warmed things up before international guests ME & her and Dave Vega stepped in, delivering a tasty array of techno, filling the illuminated bamboo canopy with a sonic smorgasbord.

The forest, flanked by a LED lit climbing wall provided an intimate environment for all night revelry and as day broke, Sunju Hargun delivered an uplifting and blissful set, a melodic voyage into the new day, peppering his set with classics like James Holden’s epic remix of Kirsty Hawkshaw’s ‘Fine Day’ for some truly transcendental dancefloor moments.

The tunes rumbled through until 9am, with the dancefloor thinning to all but the most serious party purists and Dennis Beyer wrapping up the musical offerings. With the conclusion of the musical program, some opted for a short nap, passing the baton to those that had slept earlier in the eve who were now rising for breakfast. Before long, the crowds had all but dispersed, with an army of vans assembling to take guests back to Bangkok.

After a thorough cleanup, the site was returned to its original pristine beauty in line with the groups no trace philosophy - the only signs of any of the magic that transpired over the past 24 hours held in the minds and memories of those in attendance. And they will certainly not be forgotten any time soon.

Watch a very cool time lapse of the event by Zeight below.

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