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Snapped: Escape 56 - The Henderson Project with Âme

Feast your eyes upon some spectacular photos from a once in a lifetime event

  • Mixmag Asia Staff
  • 9 November 2016

We had heard that to experience Âme is truly a rare experience. And indeed it fucking was.

Escape 56, a cashless pop-up party series in Singapore, really outdid itself with this booking. In fact it really outdid itself with this entire event. Few people can say they’ve been to an warehouse party with Berlin feels and Innervisions at helm in the most unsuspecting city in the world but the 350 people that attended Friday night’s event and paid almost triple the price of your average ticket can say they did and would probably do it all over again. Transformative lighting and a Funktion One soundsystem helped set the mood and immediately set a precedent of ridiculous quality and meticulous attention to detail that was not lost throughout the night.

Local loves Maurice Simon and Mr Has warmed up the night, picking up steam as the crowd neared sold out and going in a little harder than usual although nothing was too intense for this occasion. You could feel the intoxicating energy exuding from both the DJs, engaging the crowd almost as if they were the headliners when they were really just building towards something even more special and even more beautiful.

Just after 1am the pair relinquished control to Kristian Beyer, one half of Âme, who enamored the crowd from the first beat he dropped. A master of his own art, the Innervisions label head hardly indulged the crowd with any recognizable moments and instead delivered a set full of stomping but obscure techno and yet kept a firm grip on the audience until about 4am when everyone was finally able to come up for air and erupted in applause.

The effort was a collaborative endeavor between Singaporean tastemaker Zig Zach, Jägermeister and the Henderson Project and moves around the island every few months. Follow Blackout Singapore here for more events like this.

[photos via Colossal]

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