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Singapore: Tropika presents Manu Chao Acoustic

Friday, 7 April, and Sunday, 9 April

  • Tropika
  • 23 March 2023
Singapore: Tropika presents Manu Chao Acoustic

Event: Tropika presents Manu Chao Acoustic
City/Country: Singapore
Dates: Friday, 7 April, and Sunday, 9 April
Time: 4pm to 11pm
Line-up: Manu Chao, u~ta and Yusuke, Anand and MOON, Ramesh and Submerge
Venue: Haw Par Villa
Tickets: S$40

Manu Chao’s debut performance in Singapore, organised by Tropika, the conscious interdisciplinary initiative, is taking place on two event days in early April. The acoustic live music events will take place at Haw Par Villa - an 8.5-hectare Asian cultural park, the last of its kind in the world, that is famous for its vivid depictions of the Ten Courts of Hell from Chinese folklore - on Friday April 07 and Sunday April 09, 2023 from 4pm–11pm.

Manu Chao is a French/ Spanish rock, reggae, punk and ska artist, well-known in the Paris alternative music scene before his international success with the band Mano Negra (1988-95). Some of his popular songs are: 'Me Gustas Tu', 'Bongo Bong' 'Clandestino' (which won the Best World Music Album award in 1999's Victoires de la Musique), 'Mr Bobby', and 'Je Ne'taime Plus'. His song ‘La Vida Tómbola’ was featured in the documentary film ‘Maradona’, by Serbian filmmaker Emir Kusturica.

Manu Chao pioneered the Latin alternative movement in the '80s and in his later work he presented cross-cultural styles and geographic boundaries. He sings in a number of languages: French, as well as in English, Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic, Galician and Wolof. His musical influences include rock, salsa, reggae, ska, the lyrical French style chanson and Algerian folk music. In addition to singing and playing guitar, he is also a record producer.

Manu Chao is one of the world's largest selling artists. Much of his lyrics are about global political and social issues, but also about love, world's lifestyles and music. Till today, he remains one of the most elusive stars to be seen busking in a local bar or playing at squats as often as any high-profile gigs.

“It’s not only travelling for the sake of it. I travel to meet people. For a long time now, and maybe even more for the past years, I’ve been listening to cultures. Wherever I go, I’m interested in what people listen to, in what they sing and eat, in how they live and party, in their joys and sorrows.” said Manu Chao

Performing alongside Manu Chao will be local collectives; Sonido Singapura's u~ta and Yusuke with Beatroot's Anand and MOON. Tropika's founder Ramesh together with drum n bass pioneer Submerge will be on deck duties too.

Manu Chao shares the same ethos as Tropika: a belief that regardless of language, location, race and religion, everybody should be entitled equal access to health, well-being and opportunity.

Together with Manu Chao, Tropika has decided to keep the ticket pricing fair for everyone at S$40 per ticket.

About Tropika

MUSIC, ART, FILM, and social justice - Tropika is a gathering of minds, music and morals.

Born out of Singapore, Tropika is an interdisciplinary initiative where global rhythms mix with societal matters. With the aim to promote mindfulness on inclusivity, sustainability and well-being, each event is carefully curated to consciously explore the key themes of Tropika.

From live music performances to DJ acts, film to art, and panel discussions to interviews, the goal is to provide sonic and mental stimulation in the hopes of enriching communities and helping people make better-informed decisions.

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