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Siamese Twins unveil 10th release via performance artist Tul Waitoonkiat

‘Nueng Kamtham (ST​​​​​​​๐​​​​​​​๐​​​​​​​๑​๐​)’ is a wildly creative listen, blending deep-rooted poetry & mind-bending rhythms

  • Henry Cooper
  • 17 May 2024
Siamese Twins unveil 10th release via performance artist Tul Waitoonkiat

Thai performance artist Tul Waitoonkiat’s latest EP, ‘Nueng Kamtham (ST๐๐๑๐)’, marks a significant milestone for Bangkok Siamese Twins, celebrating their tenth release.

The EP features Waitoonkiat’s haunting spoken word poetry layered over the collaborative efforts of producers Black Merlin, Sapphire Slows, and Sleep D, creating a unique sonic experience.

Waitoonkiat, known for his socio-political work and his novel “Silence is Violence,” has showcased multidisciplinary art exhibitions across Bangkok. One notable exhibition, in collaboration with Siamese Twins’ Khun Fluff (AKA Sunju Hargun), laid the groundwork for this EP.

The poem on each track on the EP delves into themes of existentialism and the dichotomy of nature, combining bold creativity and performative artistry to produce an enjoyable listening experience. Unlike many art-house pieces that one might appreciate but seldom revisit, ‘Nueng Kamtham (ST๐๐๑๐)’ is a compelling work that we’ve found ourselves returning to more and more.

The producers each bring a distinct perspective to the source material. Black Merlin’s two versions offer a cinematic and hypnotic approach, with Waitoonkiat’s vocals taking center stage and setting a mind-bending tone for the EP. Modular artist Sapphire Slows uses the Bulcha synth to create a charming and optimistic sound, while still maintaining wild creativity.

The music video for Black Merlin’s ‘Traverse Dub Mix’ is exceptional, capturing the moods evoked by the production and words in a black-and-white film teeming with expression.

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Highlighting one track is challenging, as they collectively illuminate Waitoonkiat’s words in various lights which complement each other. However, Sleep D’s rendition stands out, balancing the deep-rooted poetry with pulsating basslines and percussion.

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It’s rare for a track to be equally suited for an art exhibition and a forest rave, yet Sleep D achieves this balance perfectly.

Purchase Tul Waitoonkiat’s ‘Nueng Kamtham (ST๐๐๑๐)’ here.

Henry Cooper is a Writer at Mixmag Asia. Follow him on Instagram.

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