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Celebrating a decade of madness, Love Bang drops their first EP Delivery

Like their parties, the music is unbridled by genres and embraces chaos

  • Roger Yiu
  • 29 December 2020
Celebrating a decade of madness, Love Bang drops their first EP Delivery

This week, Shanghai party collective Love Bang debuted a collaborative EP on Bandcamp on their 10th anniversary. The zealous collaboration involves many big names in the Shanghai electronic music scene including Heatwolves, Swimful, Graphic Violence, Ceezy, Gouachi, Vorbi, and MMQ.

A bit more than a decade ago, the Bananas crew dissolved in Shanghai, and people who wanted a raucous night on the town with no limits on what music was going to be played were left stranded. Enter Love Bang. For the past 10 years, they’ve been bringing people together into their cartoon-like dimension and creating a bit of pandemonium along the way.

“Love Bang is like a neighborhood. Club music, hip hop, house, techno, footwork, funk, soul, and rock all grow from the same tree,“ says Heatwolves, co-founder of Love Bang. While the idea of creating a new album was never unthought of, Heatwolves admitted “the slow speed, the motivation coming from the feeling that death might be around the corner” is what fueled the project.

Delivery 外賣外賣 ‘s concept is very much based on the fact that everyone has been ordering a lot of food to our respective abodes due to lockdown. Love Bang has had a great time throwing events; parties only last one night, though. Like the plastic containers that people get from takeaway, their goal is to have the music stay with their audiences for a very long time.

The first track, ’Where U From?,’ kickstarts the journey of this takeaway meal by radiating the hustle and bustle of Shanghai’s metro stations. With an 80s thump in the background, the names of the stations are being spoken and memories of an electric Shanghai are fostered.

Track three, ‘Suboman,’ works because of the lively opening that combines with a powerful funkstep bass as well as some hints of darkness. The listening experience diversifies when it comes to the last two songs, ‘Fulfilled’ and ‘Fly You Always.’ After a thrilling night, these two soulful and ambient synth-pops muffle you with comfort and romance as if you never want to leave the party.

Love Bang 001:Delivery 外賣外賣 is out now and can be purchased at their Bandcamp site here.

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