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Roland’s 303 & 808 machines get emulated for online groove making is a platform by Yuri Suzuki, Counterpoint Studio and the Design Museum

  • Waiying Ho
  • 12 October 2020
Roland’s 303 & 808 machines get emulated for online groove making

A highly likely, and rather highly anticipated collaboration from all corners of the world has resulted in an online creative platform that should have audiophiles, beat-makers and studio buffs all locked in to a cheer.

A four way meeting of the minds that were needed to create includes Yuri Suzuki, Roland, Counterpoint Studio and London’s Design Museum. London’s Design Museum, who often collaborate with Pentagram, has currently been hosting an extensive exhibit that runs until February 2021 titled ‘Electronic: From Kraftwerk to the Chemical Brothers’.

Yuri Suzuki, a partner from the London office of Pentagram, one of the world’s largest independent creative and design consultancies, spearheaded the initiative to create a new online music creation platform that integrates drum machines and synthesisers from Roland. Taking on board emulated sounds of the TR-808 drum machine and the TB-303 bass synthesiser, the online platform is well integrated, easy to use and cost effective as all the primary features of the hardware are included.

You can record, share on your social media or messaging platforms, or download your track as an audio file. It’s simple, straightforward and keeps an intended basic process to it’s minimal needs but with enough tools to have some fun. It seems to act as a great gateway tool for novice producers.

Legendary DJ A Guy Called Gerald put together an instructional idea for, which you can check out here or get straight into groove making here.

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