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A restaurant in Singapore has been fit out with a 3,000-strong vintage vinyl collection

Dinner served with a side of the crackle from a needle

  • Olivia Wycech
  • 22 September 2020
A restaurant in Singapore has been fit out with a 3,000-strong vintage vinyl collection

Once a lawyer's office, the second and third floor of a Singapore shophouse has been reimagined into an unorthodox F&B concept that is more akin to your home away from home than a restaurant. Appetite is a newly opened multi-concept space and offshoot from Michelin-starred restaurant Nouri in Chinatown.

Appetite boasts an open-plan test kitchen with a semi-circular dining counter that looks ready for a fresh R&D experience, an art gallery, a comprehensive rare wine and spirit list and, best of all, a living room that doubles as a listening space complete with a DJ set up and a 3,000-strong vintage vinyl record collection so you can have a drink and listen to music.

The record collection is one of Singapore’s largest private collections and boasts more than 3,000 records that span time and geography, from Afro-Cuban jazz, 70s rock, 90s RnB and more.

Appetite also broadcasts weekly playlists curated by their in-house music lead Aryan Clarke. Follow their hugely eclectic Spotify account to listen along.

Chef-owner Ivan Brehm tells CNA Lifestyle that the space is for “people to reconnect with things like knowledge, food, music, art and each other in a more direct, less transactional way.”

“Art, food and music enrich our lives, they are the forces that motivate us to look at the world and encourage us to move forward, to change, to evolve. Money, without that understanding, is really just paper.”

If you enjoy your music with a side of wine, Appetite boats an off-the-beaten-track wine list including the Chateau Bargylus, which is dubbed the most dangerous wine in the world — the Domaine Bargylus winery operates from within the war-torn country of Syria. Despite the difficulty in sourcing it, the wine often appears on Michelin-starred menus across the world.

As for art, Appetite’s programme brings the traditional experience of an art gallery to a more casual space that people can better relate to. Every three months, the group will be curating new exhibitions that feature established and emerging artists alike, especially looking at work that has never before been featured in Singapore.

Altogether, Appetite reimagines what a bar, restaurant and art gallery can look and feel like by clashing them all together in a fresh new concept that is at the top of our hit list when travel resumes.

[via CNA Lifestyle]

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