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Raja Rani take film inspiration for their latest progressive stomper

Titled ‘The Wolf Of Wall Street’, the track has equal ferocity as the cult classic feature

  • Henry Cooper
  • 3 November 2023
Raja Rani take film inspiration for their latest progressive stomper

Singapore-based duo Raja Rani hit us with their latest offering, ‘The Wolf Of Wall Street’, released with Awen Records on the imprint’s latest compilation EP ‘V.A.’

The EP features a rich collection of 15 original tracks spanning various genres, styles and artistic perspectives, with contributions from talents like MasterSlave, Konstantine Pope, Dellucht, JP Carbajo and many more.

The project envelops listeners in a mesmerising, hypnotic atmosphere, offering captivating rhythms and unique and ambitious takes on progressive sounds.

The Singapore-based duo's contribution to the EP is a dark and enthralling auditory journey that kicks off with eerie samples from the movie bearing the same name as the track. Sinister synths cast a fresh perspective on the iconic speech by Matthew McConaughey, interwoven with the equally iconic chest-pounding anthem from the film — you know the one.

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Despite the chest-pounding anthem's association with tacky ‘frat bro’ culture, Raja Rani breathes new life into it with a sizzling rendition that feels revitalised and fresh with their hypnotic and pulsating beats.

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While the track draws heavy inspiration from the cult classic, it manages to carve out its unique identity. The emotions of power and dominance that it exudes are impossible to ignore, mirroring the same intensity and ferocity of the film. The track's rolling, slow-burning nature is executed with masterful precision, making it a must-listen for all progressive music enthusiasts.

Stream Raja Rani ‘The Wolf Of Wall Street’ here.

Henry Cooper is a Writer at Mixmag Asia. Follow him on Instagram.

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