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Projekt Gestalten's queer style of techno debuts in Asia this November

The Berlin-based Pornceptual founder touches down in Hong Kong, Singapore, Taipei, Seoul & Kuala Lumpur

  • Arun Ramanathan
  • 24 October 2023
Projekt Gestalten's queer style of techno debuts in Asia this November

For over five years, Brazilian DJ and producer Diego Garcia has been a driving force behind the Pornceptual collective. Founded in 2012, the party quickly became one of Berlin’s raunchiest, and serves as a conceptual space for pornography and art, fostering an environment that empowers guests to fearlessly explore their sexuality.

Their unabashed and provocative approach has garnered recognition, including a recent Boiler Room collaboration deemed too explicit for YouTube but found its way to PornHub.

Garcia also leads the newly minted VRAAA label which aims to command attention on "Berlin's sexually liberated dance floor"; this is where Projekt Gestalten, the alter ego of Brazilian techno producer and DJ Diego Garcia, has solidified an artistic presence.

Last year, Garcia released 'The Beast Within', a conceptual album that pushed the exploration of gender identity through a dual lens: Projekt Gestalten projects a masculine identity, while a feminine identity is explored via The Princess of Death through "introspective and corrosive textures commonly associated with patriarchal values".

The album contrasts these two identities similarly to their favourite video game from childhood — it was a 90’s video game called “Gabriel Knight 2 - The Beast Within”.

Glistening their DJ sets with an array of white wedding dresses and intricate baroque embroidery, Projekt Gestalten embodies a daring and femininely spirited persona that pushes the boundaries of techno music and artistic expression. VRAAA is “a techno label aiming to queer-up the genre”.

From underground raves in Berlin to cosmopolitan destinations such as London, St. Petersburg, New York, São Paulo, and Paris, Projekt Gestalten now makes their way to Southeast Asia, touching down in Hong Kong, Singapore, Taipei, Seoul and Kuala Lumpur.

Here are Projekt Gestalten’s Asia Tour dates:

Friday, 10 November - ABYSS, Hong Kong
Saturday, 11 November - Eagle, Seoul
Friday, 17 November - Grey Area, Taipei
Saturday, 18 November - Headquarters, Singapore
Saturday, 25 November - Under9, Kuala Lumpur

For all of the above dates, attendees are encouraged to dress extravagant, kinky, unusual, outrageous... whatever represents your identity.

Follow Projekt Gestalten on Instagram for more updates on their trailblazing queer techno.

Arun Ramanathan is Mixmag Asia’s Director. Follow him on Instagram.

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