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​Desa Potato Head launches SANCTUARY, a clash of modern & traditional wellness practices

Supercharged sound healing experiences are taking over Desa Potato Head in Bali

  • Olivia Wycech
  • 18 February 2022
​Desa Potato Head launches SANCTUARY, a clash of modern & traditional wellness practices

We’re big fans of Potato Head in Bali around here. From the get-go, they’ve enamoured us with their ultra-cool approach to music and events by building their programme around a foundation of heritage, culture and sustainability. Since debuting Desa Potato Head last year, a magnificent feat in the practice of art, architecture and sustainability with a locally-spirited ethos, we’ve been looking for every possible opportunity to return to the kingdom via the unique events they’ve been busy curating — and SANCTUARY is giving us a good reason to go back.

By description, SANCTUARY is an “immersive wellness experience connecting the community with their flow state by increasing relaxation and concentration while awakening a higher level of consciousness.” By experience, it's like a supercharged sound healing experience for anyone looking for an intelligent "music" experience that connects the mind, body and soul.

Through a partnership with the Pyramids of Chi in Ubud, which offers what is akin to a sound bath on steroids (we’ve been, and it’s amazing), the experience at Potato Head Studios will offer something similar but elevated with that signature Potato Head touch. Happening daily, weekly and bi-weekly, SANCTUARY will deliver various alternative forms of meditation including vibroacoustic light therapy, sound healing, breathwork and ice bath therapy to its guests.

Here are the four experiences being offered:

Sistrum: an immersive light, sound and vibration experience that uses sistrum technology to augment the sound healing experience by delivering sound as physical vibration inside the body through custom made waterbeds with built-in vibrational speakers and synchronized light frequency stimulation to stimulate brainwave states and closed-eye visionary experiences.

Sound Healing: a session that feels like coming home. Held in the energetically warm and inviting Sanctuary Sunset Space, the practitioner will weave a tapestry of sounds and take you on a journey to melt away your worries, leaving you completely relaxed.

Breathwork: puts a conscious thought and focus into the unconscious 22,000 breaths we take each day. The result can elevate our mind, body and soul while releasing emotional and energetic blockages, bringing to light and healing past traumas, and experiencing feelings of euphoria like never before to unlock the true potential within.

Breathwork + ice: same as above, but with a soak in a sub-zero ice bath (not for the faint of heart)

All of these happen in tandem with Potato Head’s regular wellness programme, which includes a morning energy activation and guided meditation on the rooftop of Desa Potato Head called Under The Rising Sun, daily Yoga Flow and a beach workout, a jamu bar and of course the in-house gym and spa experiences.

In Bali? These experiences take place in the sanctuary behind the library at Potato Head Beach Club (leave lots of time to explore the library, too!!!). Make a reservation here.

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