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New label Plumbah's debut EP explores diverse electronica via 'Twentythree'

Label boss Sattle's ambitious four-tracker displays a creative take on 2-step, electro & breaks

  • Henry Cooper
  • 5 September 2023
New label Plumbah's debut EP explores diverse electronica via 'Twentythree'

New label out of Bali, Plumbah, has churned out its first-ever release and it comes from head honcho Sattle.

Titled ‘Twentythree’, the four-track EP consists of minimalistic pieces oscillating between 2-step, breakbeat and electro. Although it dips its toes in a variety of genres, it's held together with its atmosphere of dreamlike and playful sounds and samples.

Bouncy 808 bass over 2-step swing, blended with textbook punchy, low-end beats tease the possibility of this EP erupting into a more chaotic one, but Sattle keeps it cool, calm and collected whilst perpetually retaining a high-energy vibe.

Each track has its own identity, with the higher octane selections being balanced by more cinematic and emotional dub-inspired tracks.

‘Free Fallin’’ effortlessly blends electro with garage-inspired rhythms. Ethereal synths and more dreamy breakdowns are topped off with UKG in-your-face wubs in the low-end, making the track suitable for both a sweaty rave and an equally sweaty relaxing beach day.

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'Eternity' adopts a leisurely half-time rhythm, starting off with entrancing samples in a cinematic arrangement, gently directing the flow, and incorporating instrumentation influenced by dub music.

Speaking exclusively to Mixmag Asia, the producer mentions, “I’m after music that’s both minimal and moving, similar to this ‘Twentythree’ EP that switches between different styles but keeps a heartfelt mood.”

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“‘Twentythree’ is my nod to all the new stuff that came my way, like starting a label and being part of the crew,” he continues.

Sattle is the electronic music project of Satria A. Anggapradja — a producer/DJ based in Bali, via Bandung and Jakarta. He has many successful tracks and remixes under his producer belt, and as a DJ has been bouncing around Indonesia, with his latest notable gig being at Potato Head Bali’s Boiler Room this past July.

Purchase Sattle ‘Twentythree’ here.

Henry Cooper is a Writer at Mixmag Asia. Follow him on Instagram.

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