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Watch the first episode of Planet2Planet with Nicole Moudaber

The DJ, producer & MOOD Records label head delivers a raw & candid talk from Bali about wellness, sustainability, mental health & the planet

  • Olivia Wycech
  • 12 May 2021
Watch the first episode of Planet2Planet with Nicole Moudaber

It started as an idea inspired by the issue surrounding plastics in Bali. This past rainy season was a long one on the Island of the Gods and it was hard to ignore the hundreds of tons of rubbish and plastics washing up on beaches right in the heart of Bali every day in areas like Seminyak and Kuta. We dug a little deeper, discovered Sungai Watch and learned so much more about how big the problem really is.

The music industry is a powerful place where an artist’s voice carries weight, ultimately influencing their fans around the world with their star power. We thought, what if that star power could be used to benefit the ecosystems that we, from time to time, call our dance floors?

Every year, even throughout the pandemic, some of the biggest DJs in the world flock to the Island of the Gods and indulge in the island’s beaches, villas, resorts, food, parties and spiritual practices. Our mission became clear: we wanted to engage and inspire these artists to use their voices as a way to give back to this beautiful island and raise awareness surrounding for-the-planet initiatives. So we reached out to a couple of artists who happened to be in Bali this year — more specifically Nicole Moudaber, Lauren Lane, Seth Troxler and Trus'Me — and our new series was born.

Planet2Planet is series of Heart2Heart conversations with DJs about sustainability and music by Mixmag Asia x Bye Bye Plastic Foundation, who are on a mission to eradicate single-use plastics from the music industry. Episode 001 comes via unstoppable DJ, producer and MOOD Records label head Nicole Moudaber, who gave a raw and candid talk on music, wellness, sustainability, mental health, the planet and her love affair with Balinese culture.

Musical accompaniment on the opening scene is provided by Mars, a Pakistani-American living in Hong Kong whose eclectic sound and selection is a product of the amalgamation of cultures she experienced. Titled ‘Moderna’, the track will be released soon via Bali-based label Souta. Label head Carsten Martens also provided the score.

Special thanks go out to Indosole for supporting the project, an inspiring group of creatives who are making shoes for everyday activities, travel and music festivals (peep the black slides) from recycled tires, diverting them from landfills and rebuilding the rubber from scratch. We connected with them organically because we’re huge fans and Indosoles are all we wear in Bali to go from the beach to the dance floor. We’d wear them in our Hong Kong office too, but it gets a little cold in the winter.

Filming and editing for Planet2Planet was all done by photographer-for-hire Harley Lunar. Peruse his talent here.

This interview first aired on ABRACADABRA Earth Day Festival on Twitch for Earth Day 2021. Big thank you to the team and BLOND:ISH for debuting the project to a global audience.

Watch Planet2Planet EP001: Nicole Moudaber below:

Want to get involved or collaborate on our for-the-projects? E-mail us at [email protected].

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