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Pioneer CDJ-3000 update introduces the rekordbox CloudDirectPlay service

The new Pioneer DJ CDJ-3000 firmware has updated introducing recordbox CloudDirectPlay

  • Becky Buckle
  • 2 December 2021
Pioneer CDJ-3000 update introduces the rekordbox CloudDirectPlay service

Pioneer DJ have introduced the rekordbox CloudDirectPlay service to the CDJ-3000.

This new update of the Pioneer DJ CDJ-3000 firmware allows users to play tracks from their cloud-based Dropbox library.

The addition of rekordbox CloudDirectPlay means that users can easily manage their music online alongside the advanced features of the CDJ-3000.

With a subscription to the recordbox Creative and Professional plans enable your latest library to sync from different devices.

As there is no need to download and export files, you can use your meta data on Hot Cues or Memory Cues without worrying about the storage space on your USB storage device.

To set up, you simply connect the CDJ-3000 multi player to the internet with the PRO DJ LINK connection and a LAN cable. After doing so, you can start to use your rekordbox CloudDirectPlay.

To login to your latest recordbox library directly from the player, you export an authentication key from rekordbox to a USB storage device which, allows you to login when plugged into the CDJ-3000. Therefore, you can play your tracks from the cloud as well as the tracks exported onto the USB storage device.

However, if you have either lost or damaged your USB storage device, you can easily disable its authentication from rekordbox and export a new authentication key to a different device so your music library is always secure.

Click here to download the new CDJ-3000 Firmware ver.2.0.

Watch the video below to learn more about the CDJ-3000.