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Pet Shop Boys say Drake used ‘West End Girls’ chorus without permission

The track, titled 'All The Parties' features on the rapper’s new album ‘For All The Dogs’

  • 11 October 2023
Pet Shop Boys say Drake used ‘West End Girls’ chorus without permission

The Pet Shop Boys have claimed that Drake has used the chorus of ‘West End Girls’ without their permission.

A track on new album ‘For All The Dogs’, titled ‘All The Parties’, has Drake say: “East End boy and West End girls,” mirroring the Pet Shop Boys’ chorus to their 1986 smash hit.

The Pet Shop Boys posted on Twitter: “Surprising to hear @Drake singing the chorus of “West End girls” in the track “All the Parties” on his new album. No credit given or permission requested.”

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Users in the comments of the post have been replying insisting that the Pet Shop Boys sue the Canadian artist, with one person posting: “I absolutely agree with you and it would have caused no harm or hassle for Drake to seek permission to use the chorus hence giving you guys credit for the usage too! Hopefully Drake sees this tweet and does the right thing!”

The credits on Drake’s ‘All The Parties’ features Chief Keef, but not the Pet Shop Boys.

Since releasing his new album last week, Drake has announced that he will be taking a break from music to focus on his health.

The artist has been facing stomach problems, and told SiriusXM radio: “I probably won’t make music for a little bit, I’m gonna be honest.”

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He added in the interview: “I need to focus on my health, first and foremost – and I’ll talk about that soon enough.”

According to The Guardian, Drake shared a now-deleted clip from the radio show on his Instagram with the caption: “See ya when I see ya”.

Listen to Drake’s 'All The Parties' and Pet Shop Boys’ ‘West End Girls’ below.

Becky Buckle is Mixmag's Multimedia Editor, follow her on Twitter

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