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​In pictures: Outer Bounce at Haw Par Villa ushers in the next generation of Singaporean ravers

"I think people will really consider the potential that Asia offers musically in the electronic sphere as a staple."

  • Words: Arun Ramanathan | Photos: Island Boys
  • 12 October 2022

The word around Outer Bounce’s debut event made it one of 2022's most anticipated parties, and the photos below just about do that statement justice. Outer Bounce was conceived with the intention of creating an environment of symbiosis that encapsulates boundary-pushing music in uncharted spaces — a line-up of Asia’s more esoteric selectors like Sunju Hargun, Yoshi Nori and Yadin Moha, plus an exceptionally ethereal setting like that of Singapore’s historic Haw Par Villas, and you’re gold. Cosmic gold.

The Outer Bounce crew have offered Mixmag Asia readers an exclusive selection of photos and few words from the inaugural evening.

How did the night turn out musically?

Yadin Moha's opening set, showcased music beyond just dance forward music, but creatively pushed audiences to experience the environment.

The haunting vibes of the venue must have played a pivotal role in making the night so special. Can you share some stories?

Seeing Haw Par Villa in the shadow of the hungry ghost festival illuminated with only a red glow, audiences were struck by the space. Our creative approach to the event was very symbiotic with the space at night and audiences really enjoyed the experience — there was even an ungodly storm at 3:00am.

It really felt like hell. (in a good kind of way)

How did the fresh-out-of-a-pandemic crowd react to the sound and space curated by Outer Bounce?

Yoshi and Sunju really fed the crowd with a dynamic sound that kept people possessed — the sound system wasn't the best that day but they left audiences undeniably revelling for hours and that energy really allowed Sunju and Yoshi to feel comfortable.

How do you think the event impacted Singapore?

I think people will really consider the potential that Asia offers musically in the electronic sphere as a staple.

What can we expect next from you? Something in Singapore or somewhere else next?

We're still in discussions as we want to guarantee a genuine connection between our venues and the curation of acts, we have a few things to improve as well and we want to be sure that our audiences get the best experience. Who knows, maybe even different countries - there is so much to do in the region and so many communities to collaborate with.

What did this debut event mean to you and the Outer Bounce team?

The event gave us the opportunity to contribute to the return of nightlife in Singapore alongside the community in Asia with the ethos of putting Asia's burgeoning scene first. The community here is bigger and stronger than we remembered and we are excited in helping grow that community across borders unified through music.

Building a community that extends across borders through music has always been our vision.

[Photos via: Island Boys]

Arun Ramanathan is Mixmag Asia’s Director. Follow him on Instagram.

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