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​Olives & Pearls serves mesmeric meta-disco on the ‘Tales With Tails’ EP

Bali-based Martin Denev’s latest project arrives via Australian label Issamin

  • Patrizio Cavaliere
  • 10 March 2023
​Olives & Pearls serves mesmeric meta-disco on the ‘Tales With Tails’ EP

DJ, producer and musician Martin Denev presents his latest work under the Olives & Pearls, carving five seductive future disco jams on the ‘Tales With Tails’ EP.

The Bali-based producer launched the project last year with his ‘Sketches For My Boy’ EP, and the follow-up brilliantly expands upon the musically-rich textures he served on the first instalment. Known for his agile keyboard skills and elegantly orchestrated productions, classically trained Bulgarian artist Denev studied jazz at the Rotterdam Observatory and Berklee College of Music before moving to Santiago de Cuba to study Afro-Cuban music. He’s laced countless tracks across multiple genres with his dextrous keys, released two studio albums, while his 2017 ‘Pass Me By’ collaboration with Pete Herbert and Robert Owens included remixes from Daniele Baldelli & DJ Rocca Dr Packer.

Returning to Australia’s Issamin label, his new Olives & Pearls release brims with equal measures of funk-flecked musicality and discreetly psychedelic charm. Opening track ‘Sonaris’ builds over a bubbling bassline as ethereal textures entwine to add mystery to the groove, before the hallucinatory swells of ‘Serendipity’ effortlessly combine over thick chords and rolling rhythms. The oceanside melodies of ‘Travel Light’ provide a poignant interlude, while ‘Bridge Belot’ features glistening synth motifs gliding over fizzing chords and a percussion-heavy groove. Finally, the cosmic refrains of ‘Touch Love’ burst with Balearic atmosphere as emotive piano leads delicately embellish the heads-down strut.

Five gorgeously constructed jams that are ripe for sundown celebrations and morning meditations, this is fine work from the Bulgarian producer.

You can check ‘Tales With Tails’ here:

Olives & Pearls 'Tales With Tails' is out now on Issamin Records

Patrizio Cavaliere is Mixmag Asia's Music Editor, follow him on Instagram

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