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O Ma Cassé has a question for you: “People are terrified of emotional honesty. Why?”

The musical project is led by the release of the 'Unspoken Lies EP'

  • Olivia Wycech
  • 12 August 2020
O Ma Cassé has a question for you: “People are terrified of emotional honesty. Why?”

For a generation so eager to share intimate details online, we’re not doing so well in real life. O Ma Cassé are challenging us to change that.

Led by the release of the 'Unspoken Lies EP' in July and supported by a short film and social campaigns, the multidisciplinary collective and musical project hope their artistic story will engage their audience to take control of their own stories.

“In today’s world, people feel sharing intimate details of their lives publicly through social media is normal yet sharing their true thoughts and emotions with intimates is not," say the collective. "One in five people keep major secrets from their partners, and many more feel they cannot openly share emotions. Bottling up secrets is proven to increase stress and weaken the immune system, big issues in the COVID-19 era.”

With this in mind, O Ma Cassé's mission is clearly defined: to inspire people to reconsider their approach to emotional honesty and take action for the benefit of themselves and their loved ones.

To do this, they turn to music (and then some).

‘Unspoken Lies’ and written and produced by O Ma Cassé, a collaborative project together with emerging singers, rappers, and designers. Inspired by a love for film and opera, the debut four-track EP also drawing stylistically from downtempo, techno, trap, gospel and experimental. Its narrative is sung in English and Mandarin, a lyrical play on the idea of a "communication barrier" in relationships, further telling a story of emotional dishonesty, darkness and transformation. Listen to it below:

O Ma Cassé is led by Greg Williams, a music producer and artist who lives a double life flying between Shanghai and London. Through his work, he brings together artists from different cultures to make music that opens peoples’ minds to new ideas and new ways to understand each other. For this project he worked alongside Madame Gao (singer), TingTing (rapper), Holochr0me (designer), Tahirih Brown (illustrator) and Jean Liu (filmmaker).

You can listen to, name your own price and download Unspoken Lies here

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