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‘Nopia’ MIDI synth allows for perfect tonal harmonic scales

Still in its prototype phase, the instrument's introductory video raked in over 3 million views in 11 days

  • Miki Kitasako
  • 30 May 2023
‘Nopia’ MIDI synth allows for perfect tonal harmonic scales

As social media teems with videos of the ‘Wes Anderson’ trend, here’s the synth version with similar aesthetics called ‘Nopia’. This MIDI synth has made waves across screens since its launch about a week ago, reaching over 3.2 million views — and it’s only at its prototype phase, so talk about a great start.

Hailing from Buenos Aires, Argentina, creators Martin Grieco and Rocío Gal developed this smart MIDI controller that generates chords based on the same tonal harmonic scale. This means that once a set note is triggered on the keyboard, the bass, arp or synth will automatically match a range of chords in its scale that blends perfectly.

Thanks to this feature, music-making has never been easier and literally anyone can become an overnight musician.

The Nopia includes a small piano that plays an octave, bass pads, drums, arpeggios, vocoder, synth, arp and can even connect to Ableton Live.

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Through a simple tap of a key, the Nopia is able to churn out complex chords that align with its tonal harmonic scale.

This smart synth is able to match all the other buttons that are pressed into a harmonising melody; perfect for those calming, rainy day playlists.

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The device currently doesn’t have a single label or signifier, so getting used to what each knob, button or switch does could take time. It also boasts a minimalist design along with an aesthetically pleasing shade of teal green.

Follow Nopia’s progress with updates on their Instagram page here and watch the introductory video below.

Miki Kitasako is Mixmag Asia’s Social Media and Content Producer, follow her on LinkedIn.

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