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Audio Asia: groove master Nico crafts a spellbinding tale on 'Wolfram'

Immaculately-crafted percussion throughout on the forthcoming EP from Midnight Shift


  • Patrizio Cavaliere
  • 9 March 2021
Audio Asia: groove master Nico crafts a spellbinding tale on 'Wolfram'

Title: Wolfram
Artist: Nico
Label: Midnight Shift
Release Date: April 9

Singapore-based purveyors of abstract electronica Midnight Shift once again take a trip into the deeper shades of dance music, this time bringing to the world an elegantly constructed EP from Mexican artist, Nico.

'The Driving Rain' EP journeys through subtle textures over four carefully presented tracks. The music is aimed at the more cerebral-minded among the dance community, favouring contemplative journeying over in-your-face immediacy. Nico, real name Nicolas Guerrero, has previously had work included on compilations for labels Time Dance and Mother's Finest, and he recently launched his own Akita Club imprint as an outlet for his productions. Midnight Shift's Kavan Spruyt feels that the up and coming artist is among a rare breed of rhythm masters and is well-deserving of his place in the label's line-up. “Nico is one of the few that has a natural sense of groove and melody, and is able to manipulate those to challenge the mind,” he offered. “We have become close friends over the years and worked on this EP for nearly a year.”

As the name suggests, title track 'The Driving Rain' uses delicate percussion and well-placed sonics to cleverly bring to life the atmosphere and drama of a powerful rainstorm. The disorienting rhythm of 'Elements' roll over brooding stabs and a crisp spoken word sample, ebbing and flowing effortlessly throughout the duration of the score. Our choice to play here is 'Wolfram', which is delivered in original and dub formats. Again it's the groove that takes centre stage, with expertly-positioned percussive hits creating a formidable bed from where the sparse and mood-inducing melody stealthily evolves.

Nico 'The Driving Rain' EP is out April 9 on Midnight Shift. You can listen and buy it here