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Ń7ä touches on K-house nuances for latest single with Whisky Cat

The ​Taiwanese artist reminds us that ‘Happiness Is Overrated’​

  • Waiying Ho
  • 21 February 2022
Ń7ä touches on K-house nuances for latest single with Whisky Cat

Taiwanese artist Ń7ä has an undeniable affinity for sound in nature, which she has craftily learned to translate into her own world of house and techno.

Her latest release ‘Happiness Is Overrated’ with Whisky Cat, vocalist for local electronic group The Girl and The Robots, and 方Q, who is the bassist for Cosmospeople, touches on mainstream society’s expectations of happiness and positivity — it can be unreal at times.

“Society keeps advocating for everyone to be happy, be positive and not allow any negative emotion to exist. But it turns out people feel stressed to be happy”, Whisky Cat explains. “For me, I think It's okay to not be okay as long as you can get along well with yourself, and have your own pace and flow."

‘Happiness Is Overrated’ rides on a contemplative yet uplifting mood, with a shuffling house vibe that keeps you going. The soulful tune evokes vocal nuances similar to that of the K-house that we've been hearing recently from the likes of Yaeji and Peggy Gou.

Ń7ä has always come off as an ambient prone artist, but she’s always managed to touch on electronic areas like house and techno with a sense of global aesthetic — (meaning, not your standard Berlin sound. As a Taiwanese artist, she’s quickly gained attention through accolades like winning Best Electronic music in Taiwan twice at the Golden Indie Music Awards.

Her latest release with Whisky Cat and 方Q also sees the Taiwanese experimental artist collaborate with illustrator (Little Oil Art) for the music video.

Ń7ä, Whisky Cat & 方Q ‘Happiness Is Overrated’ is out now. Have a listen below.

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