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Meet MW75 Neuro; the headphones that read brainwaves for enhanced productivity

Includes the world’s first brain-computer interface audio tech that tracks peak mental well-being moments

  • Miki Kitasako
  • 26 December 2023
Meet MW75 Neuro; the headphones that read brainwaves for enhanced productivity

Pushing the boundaries of any other headphones out there, Master & Dynamic pairs up with Neurable, a leading neuroscience company, to create cutting-edge headphones that can read your brainwaves.

The two have come up with a smart headphone that can assist with your mental health and wellness when doing daily rituals.

Along with its elegant and sleek design, inside the headphones sits the world’s first brain-computer interface (BCI) audio product that can track and identify focus periods, stress signs and optimal mental well-being moments. This means that we can learn how to optimise our days by learning when we’re most productive and when we need to rest and recharge — all through real-time brain data.

The headphones itself is a noise-cancelling device with the ability to be paired with an app which showcases the graphs and statistics. The MW75 Neuro can also turn on ‘do not disturb’ mode, mute notifications and activate noise cancelling mode if it detects that your brain is on overload.

When it comes to its audio capabilities, the MW75 Neuro has similar specs to the base MW75 model with custom 40mm beryllium drivers, 32 hours of playback time, eight hours of adaptive active noise cancellation (ANC), different modes of ANC, and four built-in mics. Nothing an audiophile wouldn’t accept.

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As Jonathan Levine, Master & Dynamic founder and CEO, put it: “The greatest advancement of audio technology over the last decade has been the migration from analogue to Bluetooth wireless devices. Moving now into brain sensing thrusts the industry into a new wave of innovation. We’re proud to lead the charge with Neurable.”

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Currently, these headphones are only available through pre-order and come in four elegant muted tones — Argent, Navy, Olive and Onyx. Advanced tech is not cheap, so this device is priced slightly heavier than other headphones out there at US$649.

With more and more unique audio devices out there such as the Dyson air purifier headphones, we’re anticipating an incline of smart wearable devices that will be popping up in 2024.

You can pre-order the MW75 Neuro here.

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Via: Yanko Design

Miki Kitasako is Mixmag Asia’s Social Media and Content Producer, follow her on LinkedIn.

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