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Moog has released a new build-it-yourself semi-modular synth

Mavis costs $349 and has the brand's first-ever wavefolder

  • 19 June 2022
Moog has released a new build-it-yourself semi-modular synth

Moog has just dropped a semi-modular analogue synthesiser that customers can put together themselves.

Named Mavis, the synth has a full-range oscillator, filter circuits, a protective cover, and the company's first analogue wavefolder, which distorts a signal by folding it over itself numerous times.

When the instrument is removed from its container, it transforms into a 24-point CV-controllable module (44HP) that can be used in any Eurorack or Moog semi-modular system.

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Mavis features Moog's famous oscillator and filter circuitry, combining the familiar with the extraordinary.

Users do not need any prior experience to construct Mavis. There is no soldering required, and all components are included in the package.

On its website, Moog says: "The connection made with an instrument while building it is something inherent to the nature of all Moog synthesizers, and it has been since the days of the large format modular systems."

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Mavis is a powerful, engaging, and low-cost Moog that makes learning synthesis or upgrading an already-advanced studio setup accessible to anybody interested.

Acemo, Nite Jewel, Arushi Jain, and Silent Servant all give live demos in this video below.

For more information about Mavis, visit Moog's website here.

Mavis is available at retailers now - priced at just $349.

Aneesa Ahmed is Mixmag's Digital Intern, follow her on Twitter

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