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Moog releases “groundbreaking" Spectravox analogue processor

The new hardware can process vocals, drums, synths and more

  • 19 May 2024
Moog releases “groundbreaking" Spectravox analogue processor

Moog has launched the Spectravox semi-modular analogue spectral processor.

The processor is the newest edition in Moog’s semi-modular family, and is described as a “groundbreaking tool for sculpting sound”.

The Spectravox is based around a 10-band filter bank, which is used to add a plethora of “lively drones" and "colourful tonal sweeps” to incoming audio, adding, “resonant depth and psychedelic spectral movement to any external sound,” making it a “groundbreaking tool for auditory exploration”.

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Doubling up as a standalone synthesiser, it contains a simple analogue VCO with saw and pulse waves, as well as a decay envelope. It also contains an analogue Moog oscillator and a dynamic white noise generator, offering a dynamic approach to sound synthesis.

Coupled with this, the Spectravox also functions as a 10-band analogue vocoder when attached to a microphone, with innovative integrated modulation of all its filters, representing, “an exploration and expansion of the traditional vocoder and filter bank topology, engineered to inspire and transform the landscape of modern music production.”

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To showcase the multi-faceted capabilities of the new processor, Moog have teamed up with artist Jamie Lidell, for an original performance of his song ‘Awake and Alive’, demonstrating the Spectravox's functionality through processing every part of the composition, including drums, pedal steel and synthesisers. See the video below.

To see the full specifications and to purchase the synth, click here

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