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Molly Lin releases a bass-heavy ‘Reaction’ out of Taiwan

The EP includes 3 reimaginings of her most hard-hitting track to date

  • Amira Waworuntu
  • 26 May 2022
Molly Lin releases a bass-heavy ‘Reaction’ out of Taiwan

Earlier this month, Taiwanese DJ/producer Molly Lin released the energetic track ‘Reaction’. It starts off with ethereal vocals laid over bare production, before slowly adding on the intensity thanks to the influence of UK garage percussion. Heavy, grime-influenced subs audibly add to the track’s attitude.

Molly Lin is known as someone who dares to be different, which is evident in her DJ sets, original tracks and also who she handpicks to remix her tunes. It’s no wonder she’s deemed as one of Taiwan’s most sought-after DJs for a variety of genres. Prepare to catch her live on upcoming events in Taiwan such as Eden Hill, Earthfest and many more.

Within her newly-released EP are three remixes from Movenchy, FTK and Peaky Beats along with Lin’s original version of ‘Reaction’.

France’s Movenchy revs up the energy of ‘Reaction’ and morphs it into a more traditional bass house banger, complete with in-your-face subs and synths, high octane and menacing build-ups. Then there’s Taiwan-based label owner FTK’s take on the track that switches gears into d’n’b mode, bringing forth a chaotic yet well-refined remix. The sound of synths and percussion paired to perfection are reminiscent of those early morning club nights we all know and love.

The final rework comes from UK producer and label owner Peaky Beats. He stays true to the original bass house and UK garage vibe of the banger, but takes it down a much darker and menacing route. Listeners will definitely revel in the 5-minute track’s repeated twists and turns, constantly keeping them on their toes.

The ‘Reaction’ EP is available to stream on multiple platforms; take your pick here.

Amira Waworuntu is Mixmag Asia’s Editorial Assistant, follow her on Instagram.

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