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Moebius lays sombre vibes over infectious grooves for his debut LP 'Memento'

Moebius 'Memento' is out now on Krunk Kulture

  • Jamie Jung
  • 7 February 2022
Moebius lays sombre vibes over infectious grooves for his debut LP 'Memento'

Animator, illustrator, VJ and music producer Moebius delivers an emotive and quasi-nostalgic debut LP, ‘Memento’, on homegrown Indian label Krunk Kulture.

A professional creator for more than five years, Nikunj Patel aka Moebius stems from the new world of self-taught, age-of-the-internet producers, like fellow producers and friends Yuhina, Hedrun, and Indus, who each had strong contributions on ‘Memento’.

Moebius is no stranger to India’s ever-expanding electronic music, and it’s no surprise that influential and independent label Krunk Kulture ensured a great start to the year by signing the release of ‘Memento’.

‘Memento’ is a fashionable piece of music — it's adorned in a post-modern soulful attire, with soft-edged grooves that are reminiscent of a very recent period when club culture was discarded and lo-fi mellowness easily filled emotional voids with cushioned comfort. While he transcends various tempos of broken beat structures, Moebius manages to craftily exert infectious groove and life into sombre, though, not sleepy, vibes.

He is associated with the producer collective Jwala together with sparkle&fade (Palash Kothari), Ayush (Aysh Jajoria), chrms (Veer Kowli), Cowboy Sailor Man (Apurv Agarwal), zzz / Three Oscillators (Brij Dalvi), and Karan Kanchan.

Krunk Kulture has quickly become one of India’s now-easily recognisable independent labels, providing artists from India and the global South Asian diaspora with a cultivated and colourful label platform.

Moebius 'Memento' is out now on Krunk Kulture. Have a listen below or get your copy here.

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