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Moby: "I'd had about 15 drinks, having sex with a complete stranger"

A new memoir covers the producer's life from 1989 to 1999

  • Dave Turner
  • 24 May 2016
Moby: "I'd had about 15 drinks, having sex with a complete stranger"

Moby's spoken before about things that defy his reputation as a clean-cut do-gooder and a new interview certainly helps the cause.

According to his chat with the Guardian, drugs, sex parties and plenty of booze were among the 'Play' producer's vices while living in New York back in the day. If he was looking for a way to wipe away the view of him as a tee-total Christian once and for all, this is it.

Moby - real name Richard Melville Hall - reveals how he would be awake "at 8am, with strangers in my house, bags of drugs, I’d had about 15 drinks, having sex with a complete stranger."

He also tells of his struggle to drink in moderation in the past, often going out for "a couple of drinks", but ending up "going from one bar to another" thinking he was "on these great adventures".

Speaking in promotion of his new memoir, Porcelain, Donald Trump also comes up in conversation, regarding an old prank - the act of rubbing a penis on someone - Moby's pals used to play.

"There’s a funny side to this story. I might change it because I don’t know if I want it to follow me around. I had some friends from college who would do that. They would get very drunk, pull their willy out and just brush it up against people.

"So what I will say is that a friend of mine once did that to Donald Trump. You can extrapolate as to who that person might be, and that’s as much as I can say."

A 'friend' was it, Moby?

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