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Mixmag Asia's Best Of 2020 is now available via Kindle

Comin' in hot

  • Mixmag Asia Crew
  • 11 January 2021
Mixmag Asia's Best Of 2020 is now available via Kindle

Surviving 2020 was something like living in a perpetual state of purgatory. COVID-19 cleared dance floors and the year’s been filled with hope that continues to be shattered by one set back or another. While it was heartbreaking to see a community that was finally finding its place amongst an industry of global players be decimated by the pandemic, the year also gave opportunity for a lot of strong-willed and passionate punters across Asia to keep the music alive, or at least not die completely. These unsung heroes had stories to be told, and the entire team at Mixmag Asia was dedicated to telling them.

Throughout the year, Mixmag Asia provided both hard news on the state of affairs across Asia and colourful features on veteran musicians all the way through to the shapeshifters that did things a little bit differently this year — as well as some more esoteric stuff meant to offer our readers an escape from 2020. We've packaged a collection of the best stories from 2020 in a book called Mixmag Asia's Best Of 2020 that is available on Kindle for $9.99. Coming in hot at 259 pages, in it, you’ll find a selection of our best reads from throughout the year written by some outstanding talent in Asia. Sit back and enjoy the show.

Mixmag Asia's Best Of 2020 was releases via Des Voeux Press on January 6, 2021. Pick up a copy on Amazon here.

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