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Mixmag Asia Radio: mellifluous psychedelic techno from Tokyo's DJ Maria

We celebrate 100 shows of MMA Radio with the Transendence Tokyo party founder

  • Charles Budd
  • 10 August 2022
Mixmag Asia Radio: mellifluous psychedelic techno from Tokyo's DJ Maria

A summer of psychedelia is certainly not something we would complain about. Rooted in a techno landscape, we tune into Tokyo-based DJ Maria for this week’s episode, and our 100th episode, of Mixmag Asia Radio.

Scroll slowly to get to know the effervescently friendly and musically magic of psychedelic techno muse, DJ Maria.

Where are you based and how did you get there?

Tokyo. But I was born in Osaka and came to Tokyo in my teens. And that felt fast! I initially moved here for work, and I had to use up all the money I had saved from planning trips to make the move. Hah! Everything is expensive in Tokyo!

What’s your favourite thing about the music scene there?

It is a small country, but there are many great artists and producers. There are many places to hang out and the people are friendly.

In five words, what do your DJ sets sound like?

Techno, acid, trance, psychedelic, trippy!

And in three words, how would you describe yourself?

Alien, cheerful, camper.

What recent trends in music have you been paying attention to?

Trance with a techno and Goa feel.

Are there any producers and DJs in Asia that have recently caught your attention?

Sunju Hargun. I just recently invited him to Japan for a party, Transcendence. Takumi Inamoto, who was doing that party with us, is also a great DJ.

From pre to post pandemic, what has changed & what hasn’t changed about your life in the music world?

After the pandemic, I was able to face myself even more. I felt further challenged, felt my potential.. and had more time to make music.

Now I feel that it was an important time. Furthermore, I was able to make many friends in Japan. There were many people I was able to meet because I could not go abroad. I have more treasures at home now.

Tell us about the inspiration behind this mix - what drove your thoughts and emotions, and how did you curate your selection?

This mix was recorded live at Transcendence, which is held by Takumi Inamoto and myself. It is an accessible take on rave music that transcends styles, generations, countries, and more. It also means a liberation from being bound to one thing. This time, we have tried to create a set that can transcends from all things.

What equipment did you record this mix on?

I had an XONE:92 - ALLEN&HEATH mixer and three x Pioneer CDJ 2000 NXS2.

What do you have planned for the rest of 2022?

Towa will perform at Otsukimi Open Air in Hakuba Village, from 9 to 11 September — the lineup will include Yuka, Blazej Malinowski, and Refracted. Also check out Global rk, an outdoor party with a 10-year history.

In addition, there will be a party we are organising on 5 November. The artist is still a secret, but I can tell Mixmag Asia readers that it's going to be real good! Haha

We plan to go to various places in Japan. We are also planning to do some overseas gigs next year. I am looking forward to it ;)

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