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Mixmag Asia Radio with EJ Missy: “this mix is the present state of my consciousness”

Kuala Lumpur-based EJ Missy belongs to the dancefloor

  • Charles Budd
  • 2 December 2020
Mixmag Asia Radio with EJ Missy: “this mix is the present state of my consciousness”

When it comes to the staples of one’s electronic music diet in Southeast Asia, EJ Missy is one of the first names that comes to mind. She keeps it raw, real, and unquestionably distinct when it comes to her style and selection, comfortably meandering the boundaries of melodic and hypnotic techno with uplifting and emotive house grooves in her sets.

While she’s highly recognised as a driving force in Singapore’s scene for over the last decade, she’s been well established across the echelon of underground clubs across Asia and beyond. From her still withstanding days as self-professed-clubber-before-DJ, EJ Missy has honed her craft the pure way, through proper hustle and drive with the music always speaking first. Her career really found it’s grounding with her time at Kyo in Singapore, where she ran the marketing for the club while also doing her rounds as a rostered DJ, and it was during this time where she learned some of her greatest lessons of her craft while supporting the stunning array of international artists that Kyo hosted over it’s years — the club’s unfortunate closure brought her to continue her legacy with the sister club in Kuala Lumpur in 2017.

This year has felt especially tough for EJ, but her musical prowess has kept her chugging on, with inspirational artists like Olafur Arnalds, Christian Löffler and Nils Frahm giving her plenty to hold on to. At the same time she keeps her ears glued to the local scene, mentioning Asia-based producers like “Ed Dix, Autul, Aman Anand, Analog K, Sanzy, Daaliah, Nazarud, Ramsey Westwood, Intriguant and Afaro — each of whom are bringing something very personal and unique to the scene”, she highlights.

She has an absolute yearning to revive a profound memory of her last favourite gigs at “Tuff Club and Manifest SO/Pool Party in Singapore, both on the same weekend in March, just before I got back to Kuala Lumpur and got stuck in the lockdown... I’ll always remember these two gigs as the last chance of normal for me, before my world turned into something I can hardly recognise now. If only I knew... “. Today’s mix honours that journey, “My exasperation towards the current situation and the urgent need to get myself out of the dark place I was in the week before - to connect to something… someone. So I must say this mix is the present state of my consciousness.”

It’s time to get real and be honest with ourselves, and this episode of Mixmag Asia Radio does just that, courtesy of Kuala Lumpur-based EJ Missy. Tune in below.


Aufgang - Barock ( Robert Hood Remix )
Bryan Kessler - Cucu ( Original Mix )
Mind Against - Cloud Nine ( Alex. Do Remix )
Autul - Take Me To Mars ( Original Mix )
Superstrobe, Dominik Vaillant - Sparkle ( Original Mix )
ikigai ( Pooja B ) - Khidi( Original Mix )
Uncode - Crater ( Original Mix )
Peter Van Hoesen - Breach ( Original Mix )
Luigi Madonna - Le Ly Land( Original Mix )
Avision - Over And Under ( Original Mix )
Thomas Schumacher - Paradox( Original Mix )
Flug - Shift( Original Mix )
Planetary Assault Systems - Desert Races - ( Original Mix )

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