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Mirage Hanoi closes as government reclaims property for street expansion

Established in July 2021, the club now prepares for “a completely new look” at a pending new location

  • Words: Adrianna Cheung | Image: Tonya Dzyubenko
  • 20 June 2024
Mirage Hanoi closes as government reclaims property for street expansion

Mirage Hanoi is closing until further notice due to the long-standing Xuan Dieu Street redevelopment project that allows the government to take back the property "to make a bigger street".

The announcement was made on via a post on the venue's Instagram account earlier this month.

Mirage was welcomed with great enthusiasm as a new addition to Hanoi's vibrant nightlife scene when it opened in July 2021. Situated right on the scenic West Lake, Mirage boasts a breathtaking natural backdrop that complements the DJs' performances, especially during the morning sets.

The venue's mission is to showcase emerging electronic music talents in an intimate, welcoming environment, with a strong focus on the local scene. Supported by a professional and friendly team dedicated to providing an exceptional experience, the venue brings together the audience, passionate staff, cohesive DJ collective, and loyal patrons, creating a truly unique atmosphere at Mirage.

“One of the most outstanding and wonderful experiences I have had must be the last New Year's Eve event. We set the fireworks outside the club by ourselves and all were dancing, enjoying the moment, looking out through the glass window on the second floor. In that moment I still remember everything was coming together like it was in sync,” shares Lê Minh aka Min8, Music Director of Mirage, on his most memorable moment at the club.

“I was playing to the climax of Nathan Micay's ‘The Party We Could Have’, at the same time, in a room full of people, everyone was hugging each other, laughing and wishing happy new year under the red light and also, the fireworks continued outside, flashing through the window,” he stated further.

The team was aware of this impending closure for some time, though an exact date for relocation had not yet been announced.

During this transitional period, the priority had been to comply with the legal requirements while maintaining Mirage's operations to the best of the team's abilities.

While it is disheartening to bid farewell to the location that has been the home of Mirage for several years, the team is choosing to view this transition in a positive light while currently “working on a new location”.

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Lê Minh hinted at an exciting future ahead for the club: “The Mirage team and I are working very hard to complete loads of new projects, where Mirage will have a completely new look, with upgrades to sound, lighting, as well as service quality.”

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“I'm trying to make Mirage a part of the culture, not just a club concept. But also, don’t worry, you’ll feel like you’re back home. Nothing has changed, but also, everything has,” he adds.

Keep updated with Mirage by following its official Instagram account here.

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