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Midnight Shift take part in cutting-edge streaming experience COMMON IMMERSIVE

The SG label join a host of artists from around the world in a celebration of music and creativity

  • Patrizio Cavaliere
  • 8 November 2020
Midnight Shift take part in cutting-edge streaming experience COMMON IMMERSIVE

Singapore's Midnight Shift label are set to host a virtual room in an experimental streaming event taking place on November 21. The label, fresh from their excellent Templefeld By Kirk Degiorgio release, will join a host of artists and performers from around the world for a joyful celebration of electronic music and creativity.

COMMON IMMERSIVE is a virtual gathering place co-created by a network of producers, DJs, filmmakers, visual artists, creative coders, and club kids. It was born out of a desire to provide a vital public space for creators and enthusiasts to make connections and to share music and art, both during and beyond the Covid-19 pandemic. The far-reaching event comes courtesy of, an ongoing project to create support structures for the worldwide music community. The Currents project aims to supply tools through which any member of the global music community can create their own digital space, with the hub hosting artists both little known and fully established.

"In's journey to explore and create new avenues of support for our grassroots music communities, we are piloting an at-home experiential performance format for the next COMMON edition,” says organiser Austin Hou. “COMMON IMMERSIVE will showcase work from artists across six continents... presented alongside our regular series of rooms of shows, talks, and workshops curated by collectives around the world."

Midnight Shift's line-up includes Singaporean techno stalwart Basil, Hieroglyphic Being, Intergalactic Gary, Pasiphae and more, while Chinese-American artist Heimei appears elsewhere on the expansive roster. The event promises to be a truly trans-global affair, with artists from countries as far-flung as Poland, Peru, Germany and Nigeria also on the bill. The event takes the form of a 'participatory livestream involving many-channel audio', where participants are able to link computers with up to four friends in a circle, and performances will be broadcast across all of the computers simultaneously. It's free to join and there will be an option for audience members to subscribe and donate to the featured acts.

More event info can be found here, and you can check out here

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