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The drolls of the internet go offline for The Meme Museum by 9gag & K11 Art Mall

Both collaborators are leading art and content platforms from Hong Kong

  • Arun Ramanathan
  • 19 July 2021
The drolls of the internet go offline for The Meme Museum by 9gag & K11 Art Mall

K11 Art Mall in Hong Kong has announced a unique collaboration to unveil a different, rather, more modern form of art to the consumerist public - the Meme Museum.

The Meme Museum sees K11 Art Mall join forces with 9gag — the Hong Kong-born global platform that’s the digital place to be for user-generated content.

All those minutes and hours wasted in front of your mobile phone screen are now being exhibited offline in various forms, from imagery, prints, 3D figures, video and even scents for that real offline experience.

You might just come across Salt Bae, the Star Wars Kid, Nicholas Cage, the Philosoraptor or the creepy Willy Wonka in some unique form or another, conveying a message you never thought you needed or wanted till you actually read it.

The Hong Kong exhibition will also showcase the world's first meme NFT art piece “In Meme We Love” — the digital work is a collage of over 100 of the most viral memes 9gag has unleashed on the Internet, with an auction being conducted for it starting in mid July on trading platform Foundation.

The Meme Museum runs from now until 5 September at K11 Art Mall in Kowloon, Hong Kong. You can find out more here.

Images: Courtesy of K11 Art Mall

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