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Taku Hirayama's style of techno is as warm and fuzzy as himself

Mixmag Asia Radio 017: Taku Hirayama

  • Charles Budd
  • 24 June 2020
Taku Hirayama's style of techno is as warm and fuzzy as himself

Taku Hirayama is a name that’s synonymous with good vibes when it comes to DJs and festivals around Asia. Hailing from Fukuoka in Japan, Taku’s roots are split between his record collection and his overzealous love for travelling across the globe, mostly to connect with likeminded music heads, while sparing enough time to chase sunsets and explore the soundscapes of nature from Asia to Europe. His unprecedented approach to music has landed him profound shows at top tier Berlin clubs like Berghain, Hoppetosse, and CDV, as well as Closer in Kiev.

He’s been based in Hong Kong for over a decade, reigning over local dance floors with his subtle, sophisticated and ‘super long mix’ style of playing blissed out techno and house. Hong Kong is where he founded his own night called Junktion, which he used as a platform to share decks with like-minded artists. When it comes to selecting records, Taku is full of surprises, unearthing gems that only a few have their hands on, while also staying true to classic sounds of the underground.

Taku described his set to us as "post-COVID-19 pro-techno... pro for proletariat. It serves as a little escape from pandemic anxiety and anger towards authority — a little energy booster until the rave returns." The deeply thought out mix is packed with plenty of old school rave cuts and melodic tunes, mixed with pristine care on a fine rotary mixer.

These days Taku focuses purely on expanding his sound by way of energy, hardly by genre or perceptions of previous phases in his musical career of twenty years. Today, he goes deep into a smooth and meditative state of incessant groove — listen below to Mixmag Asia Radio 017 with Taku Hirayama.


01. Time Flies / Vegas Soul

02. Fifth Avenue, 5AM / Eddie Merced

03. The Solution / Project Pablo

04. Moontrip (Back To Life Remix) / N.U.K.E

05. Everything Is Under Control / Sequential

06. He Chilled Out / Phenomania

07. Servito 95 / Love Letters

08. Bedroom Beat / Luca Lozano

09. Now And Ever (Liquid Crown Edit) / Cosmix

10. Melt / Ntel

11. Step Back / Renato Cohen

12. Shifting The Overton Window / Tripeo

13. Phasing / Peter Van Hoesen

14. Shifting / Brain Pilot

15. Sülk / Encephaloïd Disturbance

16. Do It / Pryda

17. Constructed Identities / Brabe

18. Monmay / Low Orbit Satellite & Reii

19. Rejected / Joris Voorn

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