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Max Essa shares inspiration behind forthcoming Japanese chill compilation

Tokyo's Lonestar Productions dig four decades deep to uncover blissed-out sounds

  • Patrizio Cavaliere
  • 2 February 2020
Max Essa shares inspiration behind forthcoming Japanese chill compilation

Ken Hidaka, Max Essa and Dr Rob's inspired knowledge of underground Japanese music is presented to the wider world on their forthcoming 'Oto No Wa' compilation. They have pooled all of their collective wisdom to curate this magical collection of laid-back sounds produced in Japan from the '80s up until today.

The trio are known for hosting their delightfully offbeat Lonestar Productions parties at legendary Harajuku club Bonobo, and it's there that they formulated the idea for the album.

"Our motivation for this project came from many nights spent playing together at Bonobo and hearing what seemed to be an unending stream of wonderful music" Max Essa shared with Mixmag Asia. "Compiling ‘Oto No Wa’ has been both a thrill and an education. The music collected here illustrates beautifully why Japan is such a hot destination for diggers, DJs, and music lovers from around the world."

The music included is the result, not only of committed hunting, but also thanks to real connections made over the years by Ken's erudite Japanese music industry experience, Max's far-reaching DJ excursions throughout the country, and via Rob's many interviews with accomplished artists for the Test Pressing and Ban Ban Ton Ton websites.

Kenneth Bager's widely-respected Music For Dreams Label is the home for the album of gently atmospheric grooves – a collection which is perfect for post-club, sunrise or sunset meditations. Highlights include the dub-infused 'Frostie' by Little Tempo, the piano-led meanders of 'East Dry River' by Coastlines and the outstanding, spaced-out explorations of Little Big Bee's 'Scuba'.

'Oto No Wa (Selected Sounds Of Japan 1988-2018)' is due out on March 27 on Music For Dreams