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Mauritian band Babani Soundsystem drops their first single

The power of drums can awaken the spirits according to Mauritian folklore

  • Charles Budd
  • 7 May 2020
Mauritian band Babani Soundsystem drops their first single

The most prolific band, brand and musical outfit to be exported off the shores of Mauritius comes by way of Babani Soundsystem. Deeply reminiscent of the sound of the island, the band approaches it’s music through traditional rhythms and electronic influences, constantly evolving and reshaping it’s musical landscape as time goes on.

Zistwar Fer Per is the first single from Babani Soundsystem, and it’s delivered in the form of a mighty single that is highlighted by a theme of spooky and haunting vocals that ride over traditional percussion in an organic 6/8 rhythm structure. ‘Spooky stories’ is how one would translate the track title — it evokes the island’s myths about dark creatures of the night in children's tales. The meaning is also metaphorical in that it talks about and describes ‘night gatherings’ where spirits are awoken by the sound of traditional drums.

There is something captivating, organic and highly spiritual about this stellar production from Babani Soundsystem. Have a listen to the single Zistwar Fer Per below.

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