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Man who suffered brain injury says DJ lessons “significantly” helped with rehabilitation

Learning to DJ was said to have helped “reawaken” his brain years after sustaining an injury

  • 24 May 2024
Man who suffered brain injury says DJ lessons “significantly” helped with rehabilitation

David Wilson, a 38-year-old man from Basingstoke, UK, has said that learning to DJ “significantly” helped to reawaken his brain after suffering an injury.

Wilson, who was stabbed in the eye in an unprovoked attack in 2005 and suffered damage to his brain as a result, has been in rehabilitation since his injury, the BBC reports.

Under the alias MC 3-Bee, Wilson performs as both a drum ‘n’ bass DJ and MC, taught by Wiltshire DJ Emma Ryalls - the mother of Girls Don’t Sync’s Sophia Violet.

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Ryalls has been mentoring both David Wilson and 35-year-old Ashleigh Crowley, who also suffered an injury after being involved in a serious car accident in 2007.

Both Wilson and Crowley performed for the first time in a showcase event in Salisbury on Friday, May 17, putting their new skills to the test.

The event was headlined by Sophia Violet, with additional performances from Keltz and Zeph Miles, taking place at Rude Giant Beer House in Salisbury. All proceeds from the event will go toward anti-knife crime charities.

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Speaking to the BBC ahead of his performance last week, Wilson explained: "Obviously, I'm a bit nervous, but once I get up there I'll be fine.”

On his injury, he said: "My thinking is a bit blurred. I can't focus or anything for too long without getting confused. I'm learning to walk again now.”

Wilson’s mum also added that his lessons with Emma have “significantly awakened his brain”, noting that he’s “started coming out with these lyrics” as an MC. “I’ve got a superpower”, he said, explaining that he can now learn a song’s lyrics “word for word”.

[Via BBC]

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