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Los Angeles nightclub bans laptops from its booth

“Don’t come to work with training wheels,” says the owner

  • Patrick Hinton
  • 2 June 2016
Los Angeles nightclub bans laptops from its booth

Cure And The Cause, a nightclub based in Glendale in Los Angeles county, has banned laptops from its DJ booth.

Kenny Summit, the owner of the nightspot that describes itself as “dedicated to the preservation of house music and the art of DJing”, made the announcement onFacebook.

He wrote: “Announcement: no more laptops in the DJ booth. Unless you're using it to control vinyl to do a turntablist type of set, a'la Jazzy Jeff type shit, or if you're doing a live thing where you're actually programming shit on the fly. Keep your controller in your crib, don’t come to work with training wheels.

“Learn the tools of the trade already. Pioneer isn't going anywhere any time soon, they are the industry standard, so brush up on how to use the CDJs already, get Rekordbox (it’s free) and buy a good USB stick for $40 that will store thousands of hours of music on it. We opened this place to showcase talent. So, show us your talent.”

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