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KSHMR sparks feisty Twitter debate over his eagerly awaited debut album

The Indian-American artist suggests latest work could be “one of the best electronic albums of all time”

  • Patrizio Cavaliere
  • 12 January 2021
KSHMR sparks feisty Twitter debate over his eagerly awaited debut album

Wildly successful electronic beatsmith KSHMR has set the cat among the pigeons with a recent tweet relating to his hotly anticipated debut album. Clearly pleased with the fruits of his labour, the Indian-American producer proudly proclaimed that his new album may be “one of the best electronic albums of all time,” before continuing “I know it sounds crazy but I just can’t imagine anybody else taking you on a journey quite like this, or even trying.”

Understandably, reactions to his statements have been mixed. While some of his Twitter followers are fully behind him and desperately excited to hear the music, others take umbrage at the perceived arrogance – citing some of the greatest dance albums of all time in an attempt to counter KSHMR's claims. The likes of Daft Punk, Justice, and Avicii are among those music fans listed as obvious rivals. In fairness to KSHMR, he took all the comments with good grace, eventually toning down his hyperbole when going on to reply “I think it’s (the) best music I’ve made, maybe the best I can make. It took 2 yrs + now I’m that annoying parent who wants to tell everyone how great their kid is, I’ll calm down.”

At the tail end of 2020, KSHMR announced – albeit cryptically – that his debut album would be ready to drop this January. Since then the dance community has been waiting with bated breath to catch even a sonic glimpse of the music contained within, but so far all that has been made public is a tantalisingly short teaser that KSHMR shared on his social channels. The tiny snippet came alongside a countdown clock which has been rolling down the hours, minutes and seconds since he hinted at the imminent release back in November. With the January 15 due date now fast approaching, we join the legion of fans who are impatiently waiting to hear what KSHMR is so excited to launch into the world.

The proof, as they say, is in the pudding. Happily, it won't be long now before we can all find out for ourselves if the album lives up to the self-hype. In the interests of neutrality, all we'll add is that we hope KSHMR is right – after all, it would be wonderful to usher in 2021 with an all-new classic dance album, wouldn't it?

Check out the Twitter threads below:

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