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Cosmo, Kindergarchy, Dekadenz crew and more take over collaborative pop-up KolektifLab

Asia kolektifA & Sonderlab team up for a pop-up party & market at Jakarta's A3000 Compound

  • Jamie Jung
  • 14 September 2023
Cosmo, Kindergarchy, Dekadenz crew and more take over collaborative pop-up KolektifLab

The creative team behind Asia kolektifA continue to mix music, art, fashion, and tasty bites by way of a collaborative pop-up with Sonderlab this weekend at their multi-experiential hub, A3000 Creative Compound.

Introducing KolektifLab, a pop-up collaboration between Asia kolektifA and Sonderlab, that taps into Jakarta's vibrant subculture scene.

A two-day block party awaits at A3000 Creative Compound on September 16th and 17th, bringing together the essence of Asia kolektifA's multi-stage party concept with Sonderlab's curated retail therapy.

Sonderlab’s showcase touches on a feast of bespoke offerings including Sonderspoon’s delectable treats, engaging workshops hosted by Sonderschool, Sondersound’s tasty music curation and Sonderselect’s curation of live art installations.

"At KolektifLab, there's also The Market. You can shop for preloved items from famous influencers like Andien Aisyah, Alessandro Georgie, Noel Ishak, Agatha Pricilla and more. And, of course, there'll be stuff from international brands on sale too," explained Asa Kusumah, Head of Marketing at Sonderlab.

The two-day event will host two stages at DingDong Disko and at Section B with Seoul-based Cosmo, Kindergarchy from Singapore, the DJs of Tripo3000, Tripo3000’s Music Director and Dekadenz resident Jonathan Kusuma, back-to-back action from Bagas and Non, Radio Rumah Oma exhibiting their selection of eclectica plus live sets by Asam and Praximal Dox.

KolektifLab takes place this weekend, September 16 & 17, at A3000 Compound.

Follow Asia KolektifA for more information.

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