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Kiss Nuka’s ‘Witches Brew’ pushes sonic boundaries and is creatively ambitious

Fresh off her Glastonbury debut, the artist’s latest EP showcases her diversity and energy like no other

  • Henry Cooper
  • 10 July 2024
Kiss Nuka’s ‘Witches Brew’ pushes sonic boundaries and is creatively ambitious

Indian audiovisual artist and producer Kiss Nuka has released her latest EP, ‘Witches Brew’, out now via Jamz Supernova’s Future Bounce label.

This EP explores a wide array of genres and styles, delivering an urgent, forward-thinking sonic experience. Each track boasts its own unique personality and identity, yet they all come together cohesively as a unified and ambitious project.

Among the standout elements are the creative percussion, madhouse vocals, and in-your-face synths that drive the production throughout. Each track is primed to energize an event, suited for different times of the night. The ferocious 'Night of the Blood Moon' is ideal for peak-time techno, while 'Witches Brew' serves as an attitude-heavy, tribal-influenced opener.

Our pick is 'Dance of the Ravens'—a bass-heavy, unique synth sound swoops across the mix throughout, all tied together with those sly vocals. Speaking on the track, Kiss Nuka said: “It is said that ravens appear to us as a symbol of death and endings, signifying the start of something new”, and this feeling of death and fear is apparent in the track. To top this off, she reimagines the track on the closer, retaining many elements but transforming it into something with a completely different tone and narrative.

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Regarding the EP, Kiss Nuka mentioned: “Women who have pushed boundaries, expressed themselves freely, and challenged expectations have often been feared. As I grow more into my own power, I am inspired by all these amazing female artists, producers, DJs, and women working in music that I've had the pleasure of watching, listening to, and meeting in the past months.”

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She continues, “This EP is a dedication to the strength and magic of women…Full of light and expansion, yet holding the power to bring darkness when provoked. Here's to the casting of spells, the celebration of the wild women and the sharing of their wisdom.”

Beyond her music career, Kiss Nuka is also highly respected in the art world for her audiovisual activist work. She tackles themes such as animal rights and environmentalism, creating cinematic storytelling for both the screen and live performances.

Purchase Kiss Nuka Witches Brew here.

Henry Cooper is a Writer at Mixmag Asia. Follow him on Instagram.

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